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This is the list of the various achievements you can get in dead pixels. 


Ankle deep in the dead.Edit

Finish the Dead Pixels on Easy or higher.Edit

Chunks of zombies everywhere!Edit

Kill 10 zombies with a grenade.Edit

Saving ammo.Edit

Kill 60 zombies with melee attacks.Edit

Nice shot.Edit

Kill 5 zombies with one shot.Edit

True ending.Edit

Finish the solution game mode on any difficulty.Edit

Supply and demandEdit

Sell a wanted item to a traderEdit

The Infected.Edit

Kill the infected survivor in the orginal game mode.Edit

Waist deep in the dead.Edit

Finish the Dead Pixels on Normal or higher.Edit

Shoulder deep in the dead.Edit

Finish the Dead Pixels On Hard or higher.Edit

Buried in the dead.Edit

Finish the Dead Pixels on Hardest.Edit


Reach a kill combo of 40.Edit

It's a beginning.Edit

Get 1968 kills.Edit

50,000 volts.Edit

Shock 150 zombies.Edit

Kill it with fire.Edit

Set 150 zombies on fire.Edit


Freeze 100 zombies.Edit

Picked cleanEdit

Empty 300 buildings of itemsEdit

It don't belong to me.Edit

Complete a game without raiding a building.Edit

Two against the world.Edit

Finish a co-op game on any difficulty.Edit

Master of all skills.Edit

Max level all skills.Edit

If you've got the cash.Edit

Spend over a million dollars in trader stores.Edit

Pack mule.Edit

Walk across an entire street over encumbered.Edit

Back from the dead, but in a good way.Edit

Resurrect a player in coop.Edit

The Sergeant.Edit

Kill the ex-army sergent in the orginal game mode.Edit

The Husk.Edit

Kill the burning husk in the orginal game mode.Edit

The Queen.Edit

Kill the Queen of spitters in the orginal game mode.Edit

The Fiend.Edit

Kill the clawed fiend in the orginal game mode.Edit

Better than the guy that made the game.Edit

Survive 10 waves in the Last Stand Survival mode.Edit

Time attackEdit

Complete a Last Stand time attack game.Edit

Please edit if it needs it.Edit

Thank you.

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